Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Roky Erickson, True Love Cast Out All Evil

Anti- sure does know how to make a longtime musician feel relevant again. Not to imply that Roky Erickson has been irrelevant for a single day in his long and fascinating career, but the label could just have easily released another Roky Erickson album and it would have been great. Instead they paired him with the blog worthy Okkervil River and had Will Sheff from the band produce the record. What a genius way to introduce Roky and his music to a whole new audience that may never have heard him otherwise.

There is a lot of popular music out there that is written in the third person, if it's actually written by the person performing it at all. It doesn't mean these are bad songs necessarily but it does mean that it's missing that first person emotion. In the below track, Roky keeps repeating the title. 'Goodbye Sweet Dreams'. When it hits the high mark towards the end and he starts singing in a more frantic tone, you experience that first hand emotion that seems such a rarity. Roky has lived a lot of life. And you believe every word he sings here.

Roky Erickson - 'Goodbye Sweet Dreams'

True Love Cast Out All Evil is released April 20th.

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