Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jason Lytle, 'Wonder Why In LA'

I don't make top ten end of the year lists because very few people care what I think. However, there does exist an alternate reality where everyone hangs on my every word. In that alternate existence I do make top ten lists and Yours Truly, The Commuter would have been somewhere in the mix in the year 2009. I might use the term 'criminally underappreciated' to describe it except for the simple fact that I don't read that many blogs, so maybe I'm wrong.

Thankfully for people who appreciate great music, Jason Lytle is hard at work making sure more of it exists in this world. Not sure if this song will be included in the next grouping of songs we get from him, but the wonderful Anti- blog posted it tonight and you should take a moment and have a sincere listen:

Thanks Jason! Hopefully someday soon people won't feel the need to preface your name with 'ex-former band you were in' when they write about you.

Nite blog!

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