Wednesday, March 10, 2010

4AD Releases Limited 12" EP for Record Store Day

Many people get excited about April for Coachella. I get excited about April for a different reason: Record Store Day.

There have already been some nice announcements about what is going to be available this time around. Yesterday 4AD announced a limited 12" EP that sounds pretty neat. Consisting of 5 tracks from the likes of Blonde Redhead, Gang Gang Dance, The Big Pink, Tune-Yards and Ariel Pink, Fragments From Work In Progress offers early demos and unreleased songs while they are still in the stage of being worked out creatively. The label has made it clear that this will not be available digitally or otherwise.

These types of releases on RSD are what interest me most. Things that aren't just a repackaging of what a band has released before (although those can be nice sometimes too), but more of a special unique release that you can only get through an independent record shop on April 17th. Looking forward to picking this up amongst a hefty list of other things.

Also- how great is that cover art?


A1: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 'Menopause Man'
A2: Tune-Yards 'You Yes You'
B1: Blonde Redhead 'Not Getting There'
B2: Gang Gang Dance 'Slime City (Heaven)'
B3: The Big Pink 'With You'

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