Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Three and a half years can feel like an eternity when you are waiting for someone like Menomena to release their next album. Good news- Mines is out July 27th on Barsuk.

Take a listen to a new song, 'FIVE LITTLE ROOMS', using the widget below. Hands down the best newsletters you will ever read come from Menomena, so don't worry about giving them that.

It's been a bit since I listened to the last record, Friend and Foe, but I don't immediately recall anything this moody being on there. Sounds like this one is worth the time spent waiting.


(original source: P4K, where you can also stream the new song)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gold Panda, 'You (Seams remix)'

My fascination with UK's Gold Panda originated with this post. This was before I learned that the wonderful Ghostly International had him up their excellent sleeve. They will be relasing his You EP digitally on June 15th with the 12" version following shortly. It will be well worth the wait.

To celebrate this news, take a listen to the Seams remix of 'You'. I think I could hear a hundred different versions of this song before I got bored with it.

Gold Panda - 'You (Seams remix)'

Gold Panda will be a part of one of the more interesting and eclectic lineups I've seen in a while when they play the Echoplex June 8th with HEALTH, Best Coast and Indian Jewelry.

More info, pre-order and additional tour dates here.

Jurado does Dio

Damien Jurado pays tribute to Ronnie James Dio with a rendition of his most famous song for most, 'Holy Diver'. Being a huge fan of Jurado for years, a part of me had fingers crossed that he went electric for this one. Still, I think the resulting acoustic version can be appreciated by Jurado and Dio fans alike.

Hear it over at his MySpace page.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pulled Apart By Horses, 'Back To The Fuck Yeah'

I'm trying to figure out Leeds quartet Pulled Apart By Horses. Part of me thinks they would be all over Absolute Punk UK, if such a thing existed. The other part of me thinks that 'Back To The Fuck Yeah' is one of the better heavy rock songs I've heard in quite a while.

It's interesting that they list Future Of The Left as a MySpace friend, since in a couple of subtle ways they remind me of a snottier more abrasive version of them. Mclusky after guzzling a twelve pack of energy drinks. Each band member.

Who knows where these guys will go from here, but this song is enough to make me take a second glance somewhere down the line.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Percussion & Matmos, 'Treasure'

Experimental duo Matmos are one of my favorites, as it seems like they just aren't interested in making the same album twice. Now word comes that they have teamed up with Brooklyn's So Percussion for a new recording entitled Treasure State.

Don't think for a second that these guys aren't up to the aural hijinks we've come to expect. According to releasing label Cantaloupe Music, some of the objects used to create the sounds here include 'ceramic planters, pails of water, aluminum beer cans, cactus needles, cans of house paint'. Sounds absolutely excellent.

Take a listen at the track 'Treasure' below. It starts out with some soothing sunny day xylophones, but certinaly takes a turn for the...uh, Matmos, towards the middle.

So Percussion & Matmos - 'Treasure'

Treasure State is out digitally on June 13th and physically on July 13th. More info here.

(original source: P4K)

Jarvis Cocker: Nature Lover

News comes from NME and The Independent that our old friend Jarvis Cocker has helped put together a free album for UK's The National Trust. It's not quite what you might think though. This is an album that could be best described as ambient life and nature sounds: birds singing, noises of waves...even people walking up stairs and playing billiards. While it appears that Cocker solely plays curator, here is what he had to say about it:

(from The Independent article found here)

Cocker said he hoped that listeners would use the 13 tracks to help them to unwind and get a feel for the historic properties in the 33-minute soundscape.

He said: "It's not really meant to be listened to intently, like a piece of music, but more as something to have on in the background to aid relaxation or contemplation."

He added: "I hope it has the feel of one continuous journey and conjures up an image in the mind's eye of the places featured. I also hope it could inspire the listeners to then visit the sites for themselves."

Such is the musician's appeal that the National Trust website struggled to cope with the number of people logging on to hear the sounds for themselves yesterday.

There you have it. You can download the free album here. And remember to support your national parks and historic landmarks wherever you may be.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Malachai, 'Snowflake'

hanBrolo is constantly listening to hours upon hours of new music to satiate my millions of readers hunger for Best New Bands to be crowned right here on this very blog. I aim to keep things interesting around here and try to post things that haven't been posted on your favorite tastemaker sites.

To get to the point at hand, most of the time hanBrolo tries to pick the best of the best from bands you maybe haven't heard.  Many songs I hear I tend to immediately dismiss as not being worthy of your precious internet browsing time. However now and then I go back to one and listen again and for some reason it instantly feels like I've heard it a million times and have loved it for years.

The newest song / video from Bristol duo Malachai is the latest to seem ultra familiar. 'Snowflake' is a catchy pop tune with just the right amount of British snark, attitude and griminess. These two fellas seem like scrappers. A little rough around the edges. I want them to play my backyard and share a pint with them.

Ugly Side Of Love is the album name and it's out now on Domino USA.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Imaad Wasif, 'Ecstasy'

(Imaad channeling Alice Cooper)

Buddyhead points us to the latest track from local brother Imaad Wasif. 'Ecstasy' is a riffy little number that finishes things off with a nice psych solo, which is the equivalent of a happy ending for this style of music. Is Imaad singing about the feeling of love or about the love of the feeling from MDMA? It's up to your interpretation, dear listener.

Imaad Wasif - 'Ecstasy' 

The news gets better- you can pick up this little ditty on 7" starting May 20th. More info at iamsound.

Erland & The Carnival, 'You Don't Have To Be Lonely'

Latest single / 7" / video from Erland & The Carnival (Simon Tong's project with Erland Cooper and David Nock).

You can order the 7" here from Full Time Hobby.