Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Malachai, 'Snowflake'

hanBrolo is constantly listening to hours upon hours of new music to satiate my millions of readers hunger for Best New Bands to be crowned right here on this very blog. I aim to keep things interesting around here and try to post things that haven't been posted on your favorite tastemaker sites.

To get to the point at hand, most of the time hanBrolo tries to pick the best of the best from bands you maybe haven't heard.  Many songs I hear I tend to immediately dismiss as not being worthy of your precious internet browsing time. However now and then I go back to one and listen again and for some reason it instantly feels like I've heard it a million times and have loved it for years.

The newest song / video from Bristol duo Malachai is the latest to seem ultra familiar. 'Snowflake' is a catchy pop tune with just the right amount of British snark, attitude and griminess. These two fellas seem like scrappers. A little rough around the edges. I want them to play my backyard and share a pint with them.

Ugly Side Of Love is the album name and it's out now on Domino USA.

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