Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Percussion & Matmos, 'Treasure'

Experimental duo Matmos are one of my favorites, as it seems like they just aren't interested in making the same album twice. Now word comes that they have teamed up with Brooklyn's So Percussion for a new recording entitled Treasure State.

Don't think for a second that these guys aren't up to the aural hijinks we've come to expect. According to releasing label Cantaloupe Music, some of the objects used to create the sounds here include 'ceramic planters, pails of water, aluminum beer cans, cactus needles, cans of house paint'. Sounds absolutely excellent.

Take a listen at the track 'Treasure' below. It starts out with some soothing sunny day xylophones, but certinaly takes a turn for the...uh, Matmos, towards the middle.

So Percussion & Matmos - 'Treasure'

Treasure State is out digitally on June 13th and physically on July 13th. More info here.

(original source: P4K)

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