Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Tambourine, Black Tambourine LP

Seems like lots of people are either rediscovering Black Tambourine or discovering them for the first time. Feels like the right timing. Slumberland Records celebrated 20 years last year and is continuing the party next week with two West Coast shows. Also it's nearly impossible to hear a Black Tambourine track (keep in mind most of these were recorded between 1989 - 1991) and not hear some solid similarities to the current crop of buzz bands that have been all over your favorite blog in the last year and a half. These guys were truly ahead of their time.

On March 30th Slumberland is releasing a 12" simply titled Black Tambourine. Compiling the handful of tracks the band released in their brief existence, the comp also includes unreleased songs including four brand new ones that the band recently reunited to record.

Black Tambourine - 'For Ex-Lovers Only'

At $10 this is a steal. Pre-order here.

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