Friday, April 16, 2010

The Veils, Black Session #251 10.30.2006

There was a point in time when I thought we were only going to get one album out of The Veils. After The Runaway Found there were quiet rumors that the band had parted ways. Thankfully those rumors turned out to be false. Finn Andrews had just assembled a new group of musicians to play with. Now on their third album, these guys are one of the most interesting bands out there today and they are certainly doing their own thing.

This is their Black Session from October of 2006, a month after the release of their second album Nux Vomica. If you don't know The Veils, as I seem to consistently discover people who should know about them but don't, then you should go and track down all three proper albums. You won't be disappointed.

Many highlights are found in the below zip file, but the Nebraska-era Springsteen cover 'State Trooper' always gets me. Seems like that was only in their setlist for this tour.

1. A Birthday Present
2. Jesus For The Jugular
3. One Night On Earth
4. Calliope!
5. State Trooper
6. Nux Vomica
7. Advice For Young Mothers To Be
8. Under The Folding Branches
9. The Wild Son
10. Pan
11. Not Yet
12. More Heat Than Light


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