Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Smiths, Live at The Haçienda 1983

You may or may not have heard of a Manchester band called The Smiths. They were active from 1982 through 1987 and achieved moderate success and received some good write ups in local newspapers. Once the band decided to call it quits the guitarist went on to perform in influential indie outfits such as Johnny Marr + The Healers, Modest Mouse and The Cribs while the singer worked on his charisma and managed to get a gig as the front person of The Morrissey Band. Some members gave up music and decided to pursue litigation as a career path.

Anyways, here are some songs from the first and only show The Smiths ever played. Maybe one day people will discover them and create horrible covers of their songs. Maybe someday.

1. Handsome Devil
2. These Things Take Time
3. Hand In Glove
4. What Difference Does It Make?
5. Reel Around The Fountain
6. Accept Yourself
7. Wonderful Woman


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