Friday, April 2, 2010

Band of Horses, Live on KEXP 04.16.06

Ahhh, the beauty of the internet. When I first heard comparisons made between Band of Horses and the hallowed My Morning Jacket* I immediately downloaded some mp3's, checked the tour dates and went and saw them open up for Earlimart at the King King a couple of days later. That was March of 2006. These songs were recorded a couple of weeks later:

Band of Horses, Live on KEXP 04.16.06

1. The Great Salt Lake
2. Part One
3. Wicked Gil
4. The Funeral


While the MMJ reference gives a hint of how Band of Horses first sounded to many, repeated listens of Everything All the Time quickly showed that they were in fact their own band with their own unique sound which has evolved over time. Yesterday, almost four years to the day later, they gave everyone a glimpse of what to expect from their third album. Proof that they continue to tweak their sound while still being Band of Horses.

* Yes- I continue to be a huge MMJ fan even after Evil Urges. That record was criminally misunderstood.

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