Monday, April 12, 2010

Tweak Bird, 'A Sun/Ahh Ahh' / 'Stampeado' 7"

  (photo by Gary Copeland)

If you are a close follower of The Brothers Bird than you heard the new song 'A Sun/Ahh Ahh' on their MySpace page a month or two back (although the song is called 'Millions of Suns (Ahhh Ahhh)' over there).

Now Souterrain Transmissions is allowing you to aquire a 7" of the track with a song called 'Stampeado'on the flip side.

Tweak Bird - 'A Sun/Ahh Ahh':

Can't spot a pre-order link yet but it's scheduled for a May 10th release. More info here.

More Tweak Bros. action here.

Now how bout some more details on that full length, hmmmmmmmm?

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