Thursday, April 30, 2009

Repressed!: Pulp, This Is Hardcore

Was very excited this morning to see that Plain Recordings is repressing This Is Hardcore, Pulp's 1998 follow up to Different Class. Pulp vinyl is pretty hard to come by in my experience, unless you have enough bucks and patience to pay a pretty penny on eBay. The only two I have in my collection are Countdown and We Love Life, both being very lucky finds at Amoeba Hollywood quite some time ago. I'm ecstatic to add This Is Hardcore right in between those records in my collection.

This release is on 180 gram double vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. You can pre-order now over at Aural Exploits. Ship date is scheduled for May 5th.

Track listing:
  1. The Fear
  2. Dishes
  3. Party Hard
  4. Help The Aged
  5. This Is Hardcore
  6. TV Movie
  7. A Little Soul
  8. I'm A Man
  9. Seductive Barry
  10. Sylvia
  11. Glory Days
  12. The Day After The Revolution
  13. Like A Friend
  14. Tomorrow Never Lies
  15. Laughing Boy
  16. The Professional
  17. This Is Hardcore (End Of The Line Remix)
"Help The Aged":

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