Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Did you hear that they still make vinyl records?!

Vacation Vinyl in Los Feliz (image courtesy of

No offense to the LA Times, because the more coverage about this the better, but it seems like there's a new article each week almost word for word like the one they ran on Monday. Every article marvels at the fact that vinyl records are the only area of the music buisness that is growing. It's still a small percentage of overall music sold, but it's growing.

Aside from the redundancy of the statistics and the fact that vinyl never really went away, articles like these are great and serve the bigger cause. The more people who read these for the first time and think about going out and dusting off the turntable and digging out the old collection (or better yet, buying a new turntable and STARTING a collection) is a step in the right direction. Except if you are looking for rare Britpop records. Stay the hell away from those- they're mine.

The nice thing about this article is it profiles the great new vinyl stores that are popping up around L.A. Vacation Vinyl, Origami and Little Radio's new downtown venture all get mentions. It sure is a great time to love vinyl and live in Los Angeles. Shit- there was even a press release sent out this week about a new vinyl / BBQ hybrid opening up in Silver Lake.

Check out the full L.A. Times article here.

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