Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Buy To Carry More Vinyl In Additional Stores?

According to yesterday's New York Post article, they are strongly mulling it over:

The consumer-electronics giant, which happens also to be the third-largest music seller behind Apple's iTunes and Wal-Mart, is considering devoting eight square feet of merchandising space in all of its 1,020 stores solely to vinyl, which would equate to just under 200 albums, after a test in 100 of its stores around the country proved successful.

Though vinyl represents less than 5 percent of Best Buy's music sales, the format is growing while CD sales continue to shrink.

Read the rest of the article here.

Great news for current and future collectors around the country that don't have the luxury of living near independent boutique vinyl stores. Sounds like the selection will be fairly limited at first, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

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