Sunday, February 14, 2010

Various Artists, Ghostly Essentials: Avant-Pop One

Michigan's Ghostly International is a label that I enjoy but seem to have trouble keeping up with (my fault, not theirs). So when LHB dropped the Twitter tip last week letting me know that this compilation was available for free at the Amazon MP3 store, I immediately downloaded it, burned it to disc and listened to it all week.

Now, I like my electronic music more on the glitchy / ambient / non-singing variety so I've gone ahead and highlighted my three favorite songs below. I was aware of Dabrye beforehand, but Mux Mool and Midwest Product are new to me (the former being a newer artist to the label, the latter having been around for years):

Dabrye - 'Hyped-Up Plus Tax':

Mux Mool - 'Night Court':

Midwest Product - 'Swamp':

Those are my faves, but since this comp is free why not download the whole thing and see what you like? Some of the songs that didn't immediately appeal to me are starting to sink in a little the more I listen.

Grab Ghostly Essentials: Avant-Pop One here.

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