Monday, February 22, 2010

CHEAP: Pavement vinyl!

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about vinyl and how much is a fair price to pay for a record. Partly I guess it's to do with how much you love the artist or particular album in question but that's not where it starts and ends. It's also about how much extra money you have in your pocket at the moment to put towards your hobby, while also keeping your eye on your inevitably growing wish list.

Pavement was one of the bands mentioned in that discussion. Over the last couple of years, Matador has been great at updating the bands albums to the more widely accepted 180 gram. The one trouble with this for some is it can be pricey ($18+ per record), especially if you weren't buying these during their staggered release and you're now riding high on the wave of Pavement-mania.

Well good news, thrifty shopper. Starting in March, Matador is releasing these fellas on 120 gram as well with the prices ranging from $8 - 12 each (!). The obvious downside here is that they aren't going to sound quite as good as the more heavyweight pressings, but the obvious upside is you can have an instant collection of Pavement vinyl for around $60. That is a helluva deal.

Some might cry foul and say this is a way for Matador to milk a cash cow while it's full of sweet, delicious money. Those people should keep in mind that the profit margins on vinyl are usually very slim. Between these releases and pricing the new double LP compilation Quarantine The Past under $15, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the label is losing money on this passion project. Instead they are giving the consumer a choice on what they are willing to pay for these records and that's not something you get very often.

Order and pre-order here as you see fit and let us enjoy the Year of Pavement while it lasts.

Pavement - 'Summer Babe (Live)':

Download 'Summer Babe (Live)' (click arrow):

Pavement - 'Gold Soundz':

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