Friday, June 12, 2009

Grizzly Bear, Horn of Plenty finally gets vinyl release

Insound now has an exclusive pre-order up for Horn of Plenty, the debut album from Grizzly Bear. This is the first time this album is being offered on vinyl and ol' Insound is claiming to be the only place to get it. They are probably telling the truth.

The release will be on 180 gram and is being touted as a "SUPER LIMITED RELEASE!" That means if you want a copy for $14.99 plus shipping and not have to pay eBay prices, you might want to go ahead and order this now.


1 Deep Sea Diver
2 Don't Ask
3 Alligator
4 Campfire
5 Shift
6 Disappearing Act
7 Fix It
8 Merge
9A Good Place
10 Showcase
11Le Duchess Anne
12 Eaves Dropping
13 Service Bell
14 This Song

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